2010-03-30 daily 0.7 boy und schwester: Tom Binns and Alice in Wonderland

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Tom Binns and Alice in Wonderland

How I love Tom Binns! I would adore any of his jewellery - see my earlier post on him too. I just love the colour and the size of it. I've never actually got my sticky little paws on any of it, but it must be amazing to handle too, all those layers and textures. Heaven.

Naturally, this leaves me very excited to hear about the collaboration between
Tom Binns and the new Alice in Wonderland film. The news came out about it some time ago and the pieces will be sold in Selfridges' Wonder Room, where they have a dedicated Alice in Wonderland section. He's designed 40 pieces, working around five key areas and characters of the story: the White Queen, the Mad Hatter, the Red Queen, the Tea Party and the Cheshire Cat. The creative process was so inspiring that he told Vogue UK 'I could have easily made 200' pieces.' What a shame he didn't!

The Smashing Time necklace is brilliant but it's pipped to the post by my favourite the Long Keyhole necklace.

The Smashing Time necklace

Long Keyhole necklace
Photos from Vogue.

You can see more of Tom Binns' collection
here and more of what's on offer in the Alice in Wonderland special section of Selfridges' Wonder Room here. Everyone from Stella McCartney to Alice Temperly to Bebaroque have contributed something.

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