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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Vintage interiors - living the whole life?

Vintage style doesn't just have involve clothing, interior design is another area where a vintage look is increasingly popular. See my lovely friend's blog room envy for her advice on the trend.

I say vintage because I don't want to conjure up ideas of
staid old house full of antiques but something that feels much younger and modern. Currently this is inspiration rather than reality, as I rent, but here's some ideas for vintage bedroom inspirations and a small peek into my bedroom.

Hammershoi is one of my favourite artists and I love his vintage interiors. So calm and full of light. The furniture is all really strong, with a very clear design asthetic. It's one of my favourite periods for design across the board - furniture, art, clothing.

I love the yellow curtain here, just a perfect pop of colour in the room. And that sofa is incredible. It's featured in several of his paintings, as is the white chair with that beautiful back. (There are enlarged images if you click on them, the bottom one comes up especially well, even the drawings propped on the desk are visable.)

I love this vintage bedroom from the
Rug Company for one of their adverts. In my memory it was far more yellow and warm. I love that my mind clearly noticed the colour of the dress the girl in the portrait is wearing and fixated on that... obessessed? Me? Never!
The mix of periods here is done really well. I'm fairly certain the furniture is Victorian, the portrait is 1930s from the look of the dress but the stool and rug are moden. I actually have an 1840s maghony chest of drawers sitting in the garage at my mum's house. I found it in a thrift shop for £40. It's heavenly and just needs French polishing to be perfect again. A perfect example of acheiving a vintage bedroom without sucumming to the paint peeling look which is definitely getting a bit tired now! Ha ha, no pun intended!

And now for pictures of my room - they're not amazing, it's really hard photographing rooms well. I have much more respect for interiors photographers now!

A mixture of vintage and modern! A pale blue Roberts Revival Radio, blue sheets from Cologne and Cotton (worth the money, I've had them 5 years and they look exactly the same as when I bought them)and turn of the century painting. Complete with copy of Love - I have the Lara edition. I'm not the most massive fan of the fluffy lampshade anymore, but it was free when I was a student and I haven't changed it yet.

The painting is probably one of my favourite possessions. Here's a close up:

It's of a vase of wysteria blooms, which is one of my favourite plants, and was painted in 1902 by M. E. Leader. I know that she's a woman but that's about it. If anyone knows anything else, do let me know! I love the tones, it reminds me of Hammershoi.

Finally, I have piles and piles of photos and trinkets displayed on my chest of drawers (yup, two, because I have too many clothes!)

A bit cluttered perhaps but I think it's looks better in real life. The dish on the lower chest is a Murano glass ash-tray that my grandmother gave me from when she visited in the 1950s. There are also bits and pieces from my travels - a fan from China, a vintage picture on bronze from Berlin, a postcard of Texas (I used to live there.) And lots and lots of photos of my family!

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  1. I really enjoyed this post tremendously! I love the pictures of your room and the way you've managed to incorporate modern and vintage. it looks unique, full of life and light!