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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Etsy: the Etsy edit and random search terms

Because the fine people of the UK are less familiar with the wonderfulness that is Etsy, I thought I'd do a series of posts on them to introduce it.

Etsy is a hand-made, vintage and supplies version of Ebay. It's based in America, hence all the prices are in $ but you can buy from the UK easily.

One of my favourite Etsy activities is 'the random search term browse.' For example, today I was eating raisins so I entered raisin and here is a selection of the incredibly, randomly brilliant stuff I found on Etsy...

Here's an American artist's amusing yet serious comment on the current situation of farmers in the US. On sale here.

Or how about a vintage 1940s raisin bran cereal box? Yup, a vintage cereal box. You gotta love the dedication.
This has to be a winner... a Sun-Maid raisins light switch cover!

And that's the genius of Etsy!

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