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Friday, 12 March 2010

Blogs of interest: Kleidsam

I came across this blog via, erm, I'm not sure... either What You Wore (the reader's part of What Katie Wore) or another German blog. I've been reading a few as practice to improve my German. I figure German fashion blogs are legitimate practice!

His blog Kleidsam is in English though and features Dennis, an extremely dapper guy from Hessen. I love what he wears: classic gentleman, brought up to date. It reminds me of a more conservative What's James Wearing? That's another favourite man's style blog!
Love the flash of orange and double jackets. So well brought together.
Brown check on brown check with blue check? Click for a bigger image to see it better. It's serious pattern matching. Masterful!

It's all in the details - like the cuff turned up on these jeans.
And the purple and brown. A favourite of combination of mine!

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  1. Hey, good-looking guy. Sadly I think the German language doesn't lend itself to blogging. Good for philosophy though...