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Friday, 5 March 2010

Blogs of interest:

It's only in part a blog, but you can subscribe to the key section, which is the brilliant collection of
street fashion photos of what people are wearing in Tokyo. I think street fashion photos are my favourite kind of blog. Is it the nosiness? Who knows?! But it's great!

Here are some favourites...
I just love what this guy is wearing! On the website, there's a close up which shows that the trim on his jumper is gold tassels. Brilliant! Or what about these girls? I can't even begin to describe their look. Maybe a sort of 90s sportswear crossed with 80s colour and 'ghetto' chic?! Maybe. And wait until you see the nails... Ok, so I sound like your mum, but how on earth do you do anything with those nails? I can guarantee you that she doesn't use a computer for a living.

I love the Edwardian school girl vibe going on
here. One thing's for certain, there's no mistaking historical or childhood references in Japanese fashion. And this has a really sweet vintage vibe, which could be seen anywhere, but is perhaps cutsier than elsewhere? Interestingly, it's all modern. And finally this look. Check out her nails on the website. Beautiful. Very Indian looking.

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