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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Tom Binns and jewelry nostalga

Tom Binns has been much lauded already but I am going to add my meagre fanfare to the praise anyway.  I love his work, I came across it just before Michelle Obama wore it and made his name more widely known.  Don't look at his website unless you want to start planning how to arrange more credit limit/re-mortgage/earn considerably more in a recession.  In particular, I'm loving the Faux Real collection.  It's all unbalanced sweet shop colours and classic on acid.  Heaven.  It reminds me of those rings you used to be able to buy at toy shops on the counter that came in the most incredible colour.  My favourite one was this massive 'emerald' one.  Those were the days.

In terms of my next project, I saw these Tom Binns necklaces ages ago and have been meaning to try my hand at one for forever.

Again, I'm loving the old fashioned quality they have, as if a very rich old lady has piled on every single one of the (real, obviously) necklaces she owns for dinner.

I want to buy some similar necklaces (fake, obviously) and try to make my own.  I love the coloured one but I think it would be harder to get a good effect on.  Cheap diamante necklaces seem like they would work better in my head.

I've been doing more jewelry recently, piling on the pearls and velvet ribbons.  Look out for them for sale when we actually launch.

Photo from this blog.


    great blog.


  2. Thanks so much! I love Tom Binns too, it's an ambition to own some now...