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Monday, 1 March 2010

Saturday night and I feel the air is getting hot...

A little post about what I wore on Saturday night for the RAAAAVE I attended. Seriously, if you'd told my geeky 16 year old self that I would ever end up going to a rave I would have laughed in your face. But there you go, even the most studious of us can end up raving.

My fashion memories of raves are limited but specific. Mainly the few girls at school who thought it was cool to turn up in their raver gear straight from a night out and wear it for the school day. The looked like this:

Except considerably rougher by lunchtime the following day and even more stupid, given that the sixth form dress code was 'work experience.' Nothing like fluro furry boots to make you stick out in a room full of Next suits.

I am not fully into the 'scene' - you know what I mean! - and despite habouring a childish love of tutus, I drew the line at wearing one. Here's what I wore for pre-Rave drinking.

Looking grumpy in the full length shot... don't know why! I shouldn't be, as it's a little outfit tribute to Alexander McQueen. The shoes are the only thing I own that's McQueen. I bought them years ago, in a sale for £35. Yup, £35. I love them. I just wish they weren't pale pink suede so I could wear them more. But hey, they'll be perfect for this summer's pastel trend!

The top and leggings are from Topshop, the jacket H&M, the shoes Alexander McQueen (I think it might be a competition with myself to see how many times I can say I own Alexander McQueen shoes in one post), jewellery - vintage jade necklace that belonged to my Great Aunt Peg, Accessorise charm necklace with a stone added that my mum brought back from Australia when she was 15 and my favourite SE1 leather bracelet from East Berlin.

More photos on Picassa

Given my fear of the Alexander McQueen's getting damaged and the fact they're 6 inches high, I changed before we actually headed out.

Don't you love the eyelashes? I had such fun with them! I changed into M&S hot pink tights, H&M shorts and white trainers. Oh, and stacks of fluro jewellery including shag bands. Do you remember them?!

A big thanks to my lovely friend Chris for taking the photos of the outfit before we left, they're the best quality I've had yet! And to Emma, for allowing me to use her photos of me out. I must remember my own camera...

If I wasn't selling it, I might have worn this out too. Check out the shop for similar things!

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  1. Don't tell me you got the AMcQueen shoes for £35! You super lucky girl! Perfect rave outfit - Hope you had fun.