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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Vintage bedroom ideas from vintage fashion photography

Vintage Vanities and Old Hollywood Glamour, a post on the blog Love Your Place, has lots of inspiring vintage bedroom ideas.

Here are some defining features:
1. A striking, sculptural chair for your dressing table (or in my case, Argos desk...)

2. Plenty of mirrors, even mirrored furniture. Marks & Spencer has some nice examples that aren't too twee. They're in the
sale too!

3. Stylish lighting, all the dressing tables have lamps. Investing in a statement lamp will transform the look. It's easy to pick up vintage lighting on Etsy and Ebay, just get them safety checked!

4. It's all about the careful accessorisation (is that even a word?) Silver backed hair brushes, beautiful perfume bottles and a very few casually strewn jewels.

Here are my favourite images.

Greta Garbo looking incredible in a beautiful 1930s bedroom. Note the mirror, lighting and accessorisation!

Beautiful lamp here, the stem is filled with fake flowers. And there's a mirrored bedside table.

Sculptural chair and lots of mirror!

And finally, it's not just a 21st century thing to have too many shoes!

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