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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Blogs of interest: The Fashion Forecast

Another blog I'm enjoying is The Fashion Forecast by Hanna Heichler (the address is actually

It's a fun fashion blog with lots of news and updates.
Chanel's Particulière nail varnish? It's back in Selfridges! It's on Fashion Forecast and there's even Selfridges telephone number on there to help you get it!

Another great story is that Erin O'Conner is the new face of Hovis. Yup, the face of a loaf of bread. Actually, more truthfully, Hovis are supporting a sandwich designed to feed models healthly over fashion week at The Model Sanctury, which Erin set up. The full story's
here. She also recommended Miss Kitty Litter Vintage, which I will second, for it's thoroughly awesome name!!! It's got a nice selection of vintage and is in it's early days so have a look and support it. I love this brooch - such a shame it's gone! It was perfect too - really big, about 12cm long. I would have loved wearing it.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Zoolander film (and a small-ish rant...)

I love Zoolander. I think it's healthy to appreciate it, it shows you're aware of fashion's occasional (ha ha) vapidity... A new Zoolander film is in the pipeline and is currently being researched at Paris Fashion week. The director is Justin Theroux, who is attending Paris Fashion Week to "immerse himself on what is current in fashion."

hat do you think Zoolander might include? And do you think they can top Magnum?
I mean, I know it will be difficult to top the staggering and unique beauty of Magnum, but they can at least try.

Perhaps the new Zoolander will deal with the
curvy debate which is still causing waves? Or what about the tiny proportion of models who aren't white? Only 16% percent of models who walked in New York Fashion week weren't white. 16%! At least it's better than 2007 when apparently almost no models were white.

And while we're on the issue, why hasn't Vogue Italia's launch of
Vogue Curvy and Vogue Black caused more of a stir?

I'm trying to work out why they thought this was a good idea. I mean, is there anyone else who's either curvy (i.e. not a size 4) or not-white slightly offended at the singling out going by Vogue Italia? Why on earth are there separate websites for (please read this with very much sarcastic quotation marks) 'fat' people and anyone who's not white but still interested in fashion? It's as if they're putting a giant label on you that says 'you're not quite right for the main stream but we recognise you have money to spend so we'll court you anyway.' It's insulting.

It feels as if anyone who isn't size 4 and white has to be singled out and given special treatment. Why aren't people more up in arms about this?
Seriously, their quotation about Crystal Renn is 'When charm is at the top, size doesn't matter.' Are they really trotting out that old chestnut that personality makes up for a big bum? Because that's what it sounds like they are saying to me. 'She's an interesting person, so we'll forgive the fact that she's not super skinny.' Come off it!

Crystal Renn looking HOT HOT HOT for V magazine in an issue not dedicated to size - yup, she's in an ordinary, 'we're-not-making-a-big-deal-out-of-the-size-thing' photo shoot. Shock horror.

And as far as I can tell, the blogs on the matter seem to be happy about it. Why?! Why aren't they integrating curvier and non-white models into their mainstream website? Now that would be revolutionary.

ps - comments would be appreciated, I feel I could write much more about this!

pps - the free shipping offer runs out on Sunday so get in there and buy!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

My favourite Sartorialist photo ever?

Photo from The Sartorialist (sorry, hope he doesn't mind!)

I adore this photograph. I think it comes close to absolute perfection. My favourite from
The Sartorialist so far (although to be fair, I haven't gone through all of the archives yet, I save them for treat days!)

The lighting in this is just so, so good. The colour, the pose, the clothes, the lighting and the back ground remind me of vintage fashion photography. Maybe 1950s or early 1960s. Yet it looks totally modern and fresh.

Genius at work.

ps - I saw Scott Schuman and Garance Dore the other day in Berkeley Square. They look every bit as gorgeous and put together in real life. It made my week. I'm not kidding.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A little bit of what I'm wearing...

For some reason I was immensely pleased with yesterday's outfit. I think mainly because it was a day I wasn't doing anything and could have got away with zero effort - i.e. an old t-shirt and jeans. Somehow the whole thing just came together really easily. It was very comfortable but felt rather effortless and chic - or would have done if the shirt was ironed. I really need to buy an ironing board.

A Reiss jacket on sale about 6 years ago, H&M blue grandad collar shirt (btw, who else is massively excited that H&M will be selling online soon?!), Accessorize flower necklace on sale, Zara jeans, my current Converse trainers and some Cath Kidson red fingerless gloves (they don't stock them anymore, but I found these ones on Etsy which I love.)

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that's none of it is vintage... that's right, I love and sell vintage clothing but don't wear it all the time. Shock horror! Well, I don't wear vintage all the time, and I'm not ashmamed of it! It's something I intergrate into my wardrobe but it's not a way of life or dressing. More on this subject anon, for there is plenty to say.

The gloves were a final touch, I liked the extra shot of colour they added. I wore them all day - they're brilliant, on a string, like children's gloves. Very useful for sitting at a cold computer when your blogging!

Thanks to my lovely flatmate for taking the photos.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the shop, the free shipping promotion only lasts until the end of February! That's Sunday!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Another day, another red carpet event: Elle Style Awards 2010

More loveliness on the red carpet last night. Here's my pick of the best...

Naomi Campbell looked stunning in Alexander McQueen. But then, so has everyone who's worn this collection. Remember
Anna Paquin at the SAG awards? Or Daphne Guiness in those armadillo shoes? Crazy but hot. Photo from The Fashion Time Magazine.

I thought Dannii Mingoue looked lovely in her yellow dress, from
Australian designer Lisa Ho. Photo from The Fashion Time Magazine.

It pains me to say it, because I love the outfit, but I thought that Carey Mulligan misplayed last night. Her look was far too daytime. It's still beautiful though!

Photo from The Huffington Post.

Having said that Carey Mulligan was too daytime, I still love Erin O'Conner's choice for the evening. She looks very British and cool.
Photo from The Huffington Post.

Likewise Nicola Roberts, who also looked great. I love the colour and I even like the shoes, which haven't gone down so well
everywhere else. Photo from The Fashion Time Magazine.

love Paloma Faith's outfit! I wish I could find a better photograph of it but just look at that hat!!! Genius! I would love to know who/what she's wearing. Anyone know? Photo from The Huffington Post.

Also, Sarah Brown, who is probably the only good thing about the current government, looked lovely last night. I really like that she has come out of the wood work and is revealing her stylish side. There's not enough fashion in politics. Power and glamour don't mix yet, whatever this month's Vogue argued (I'll scan the article in tomorrow.)
Photo from The Daily Mail.

And finally, will someone please feed Alexa Chung? What's happened to her? She looks like skin and bone! And why has no-one else commented on this yet?!
Photo from

As ever, the best round up is on
Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Bafta loveliness!

I thought the Bafta outfits were generally superb. There were some really great dresses but here are the people who stood out for me...

Again, I really liked Edith Bowman's dress. She often gets a
lot of stick for the way she dresses, but I really like her style. I think she looked gorgeous last night, something a bit different and very modern. Not everyone is keen on her hair but I like it up and pulled back from the dress.

Pictures from Zimbio.

Best actress winner Carey Mulligan also looked amazing. The dress was perfect for her. Quirky and interesting without being weird or too out there. Such a hard line to walk but she does it so well.
Vionnet is a really interesting brand. Originally run by Madame Vionnet from 1912 it's been refounded more recently. She was known as the Queen of Bias and vintage dresses of her's sell for thousands of pounds.

Picture from Cosmopolitan.

Finally, a word for Romola Garai, who looked fabulous in Erdem. I loved their last collection and have been pleased to see a fair amount of it on the red carpet. I do wish she'd worn a different colour of shoes though. Maybe a blue to pick up the dress. Otherwise, lovely!

Picture from Cosmopolitan.

And of course, for the best round up as ever, Red Carpet Fashion Awards has all the info. And doesn't the lady behind it look stunning herself?

Friday, 19 February 2010

How much do I wish I was in Berlin next week!

Florence + the Machine, who I have listened to almost too much, are having a free after show party after their gig in Berlin next Friday. How jealous am I?!? One, of anyone in Berlin generally and two, of the afterparty!
Fingers crossed when I'm in living in Berlin later this year there are equally ace things going on.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Blogs of interest: Matisse Forman

I thought I might start a weekly feature on interesting vintage fashion blogs I come across. For the first one, it's an Australian blog called

Matisse Forman is a model and stylist based in Brisbane who together with a creative team express their 'passion of creating beautiful images that are visually delicious through fashion, art and photography.' And they certainly are lovely images! Mainly using vintage clothing, they create images with a slightly dreamy, nostalgic flavour that are saturated with colour, keeping them modern and fresh. One to watch in my book!

A few favourite images...

How beautiful is this image! I love the hair and flowers. It reminds me of Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2008 'candyfloss hair.'

The smoke in this picture is just so atmospheric. I'm not encouraging you to smoke now mind you!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Brit Awards 2010

Hmm, a little disappointed with the red carpet looks at the Brits. What do you think?

Lady Gaga looked brilliantly crazy as ever. I loved the tier dress she wore on the way in but her lace cat suit definitely stole the show. The detailing on the mask was exquisite. Even the lace above her eyes juts out. Such attention to detail!

Photo from CBS.

Other people's outfits I really liked: Edith Bowman, Courtney Love, Florence Welch in Roksanda Ilincic and Katherine Jenkins in Alexander McQueen (which incidently, she's worn before.) Not many from such a big night. I can't seem to find any photos of them to put up here, but they are all on
Vogue, so have a look there!

Update: Apparently Lady Gaga's headress is Philip Treacy.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Vintage adverts

So this isn't strictly vintage fashion related but it's vintage related and made me laugh!

This is my favourite vintage advert from a
great post on PBH3. I rather think that buying the wrong coffee may end up being quite good fun! ;)

Picture from PBH3. Check out their post for more great adverts.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Winter Olympics Ice Skating costumes

Have I told you that I ice skate? Not well mind you, but I have just passed my Level Three ice skating test. Ooh, get me, I could be at the next Winter Olympics! Not!

I love the sport - I love the glamour, the glitz, the lycra, the sequins, the costumes, the dancing. All of it!
Blades of Glory has to be one of my favourite films. It's also the reason I took up ice skating. Much more so than anything like White Boots or that Tiffany advert where the couple are ice skating in dinner dress at the Rockefeller Centre.

So naturally I am extremely excited to get to watch the Winter Olympics and the skating competitions. There should be some extremely good costume moments. Will Jonny Weir wear fur again? Maybe not after the whirlwind of controvesy last time! He's staying in the Olympic Village because of the number of threats made against him. What do you think? Are you pro or anti-fur?
The offending costume - and an alternative view point

Evan Lysacek is wearing Vera Wang! Did you know that she used to be a figure skater too? And a really good one, she nearly made nationals. You see, fashion is everywhere!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

What the Gaga?

I'm coining a new phrase: 'what the GaGa?'

It's to describe an outfit so bafflingly brilliant that either Lady GaGa wore it or someone else is taking their inspiration from her. Rightly so.

It was inspired by a comment on Red Carpet Fashion Awards, which I thought said 'What the GaGa?' but after searching every blog I read for the post, actually just said 'What the...'. So I claim full creative ownership!

Now get out there and start using it! Here are some of the best Lady GaGa outfits to get you inspired...

I would love to know what the Queen thought of this!

Only closer inspection, I'm not entirely sure this isn't actually Lady GaGa's hair that's been made into a hat... does anyone know?

How awesome is this china doll look? I love the touches that bring out the story.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Keeping warm with a vintage vibe!

Oooh, it feels so different writing this knowing that even a very few people might read it! Say hello and tell me what you think :D

I thought I'd have a little 'show and tell' session about what I've been wearing over the past few weeks as it's been so bitterly cold. I do find it really hard to look like I'm wearing something interesting when it's bundled up under a coat! Have you tried looking cool trudging through the snow in wellies or walking boots?! I have no idea how all these people photographed in places like Stockholm go about with so few clothes on. Now I sound like my mum.

I love this outfit and I never thought I'd say that about any outfit that involves a parka!
Ancient wellies, H&M socks, M&S tights, Massimo Dutti shorts, Zara shirt, Gap parka and vintage jewellery.

I love this outfit so much! This hat makes anything cool. I picked up the shirt at a market in Glasgow last time I was there. Poser? Me? Nooooo!

Massimo Dutti shorts, M&S boots (from their first ever Limited Collection), Accesorize broach, Max Mara hat, my great-uncle Paul's ring and vintage shirt from Glasgow.

I love wearing trench coats, I'm just getting into them. I like wearing so it looks like you've got nothing on underneath except, perhaps, some hot underwear. Obviously here I'm wearing more.

Massimo Dutti trench and shorts, Accessorize outlet top, Oasis cardigan, my boss's old James Smith & Sons umbrella (they're awesome, check them out!), a lizard skin Mapin & Webb vintage handbag, my dad's old Burberry cap and my mum's old Liberty print scarf. And my super attractive walking boots. When you walk to work in the snow, they are a necessity.

So, the slight theme in what I'm wearing at the moment is looking like a member of the Bloomsbury set - I'm going for happy Virgina Woolf. Can you tell?

Shoes LK Bennett, trousers charity shop that I altered, belt Max Mara, shirt Zara, coat with fur collar detached Episode, 1920s necklace from my mum and locket was a present I got when I was born. Oh, and the ring is my great-uncle Paul's again.

Hope you enjoy! What are you wearing at the moment? I want to do features on friends and readers so do email to tell me!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Susie Bubble wears the Etsy seller I posted about!

Hello lovely readers! And now I know I have some, thanks to google analytics - hello people from Finland, Norway, the US and India - gosh, you're a lovely international bunch! Thanks so much for reading this :) Say hello in the comments, I promise I won't bite!

Just a little post today to say that Susie Bubble, author of style bubble, one of the UKs most famous fashion blogs, has done a post where she's wearing the necklaces of an Etsy seller called Giia that I posted about too. I didn't buy any as I have no money, but see, they are great pieces! Other people agree!

Apparently Giia is an Etsy favourite, so maybe that's why I came across it. I can't remember where I did now. Anyway, here's a picture of Susie Bubble looking lovely wearing several of the pieces...

(The photo is obviously from style bubble...)

Monday, 8 February 2010

Superbowl Sunday!!!

Last night we celebrated Superbowl Sunday in style at Bodeans and watched Saints pull off an amazing victory! Geaux Saints! Fashion and football aren't two things you'd normally put together (although I do wish more men would wear American football trousers - they do very good things to the wearer's bum!) but when Rhianna peforms pre-match, you know the two will combine.

[Let us politely ignore Carrie Underwood's outfit.]

What an awesome outfit from Rhianna though! It will be controversial no doubt, but you have to give it to here - she's got some balls. Nothing about this outfit should work but she still looks good. In a fierce, hot way.

I love that she wore white shoes with ankle straps to pick up on the white banding on the body suit. Perfect touch.

It's a Victoria's Secret cat suit - image and reference from Red Carpet Fashion Awards.