2010-03-30 daily 0.7 boy und schwester: New stock: beautiful summer vintage dress

Sunday, 28 March 2010

New stock: beautiful summer vintage dress

What a gorgeous dress brought to you by boy und schwester vintage clothing! I found this little gem in South London a few weeks ago. It's in very good condition with no staining. It's white knit fabric with a gorgeous cornflower blue stripe running through it. There's a matching cardigan that's very cute and makes it very versatile. It's mid 1950s but is still a bargaineous $50/£25!


  1. What a lovely dress, lovely picture and lovely smile...your pricing is very reasonable (unusual for vintage retailers!) i will be a-visiting post pay day next month xxx

  2. well you look very pretty!

  3. Oh thanks! To both of you! Blushing about the pretty comment.

    I love both your blogs - thank you for looking at mine!