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Friday, 26 February 2010

Zoolander film (and a small-ish rant...)

I love Zoolander. I think it's healthy to appreciate it, it shows you're aware of fashion's occasional (ha ha) vapidity... A new Zoolander film is in the pipeline and is currently being researched at Paris Fashion week. The director is Justin Theroux, who is attending Paris Fashion Week to "immerse himself on what is current in fashion."

hat do you think Zoolander might include? And do you think they can top Magnum?
I mean, I know it will be difficult to top the staggering and unique beauty of Magnum, but they can at least try.

Perhaps the new Zoolander will deal with the
curvy debate which is still causing waves? Or what about the tiny proportion of models who aren't white? Only 16% percent of models who walked in New York Fashion week weren't white. 16%! At least it's better than 2007 when apparently almost no models were white.

And while we're on the issue, why hasn't Vogue Italia's launch of
Vogue Curvy and Vogue Black caused more of a stir?

I'm trying to work out why they thought this was a good idea. I mean, is there anyone else who's either curvy (i.e. not a size 4) or not-white slightly offended at the singling out going by Vogue Italia? Why on earth are there separate websites for (please read this with very much sarcastic quotation marks) 'fat' people and anyone who's not white but still interested in fashion? It's as if they're putting a giant label on you that says 'you're not quite right for the main stream but we recognise you have money to spend so we'll court you anyway.' It's insulting.

It feels as if anyone who isn't size 4 and white has to be singled out and given special treatment. Why aren't people more up in arms about this?
Seriously, their quotation about Crystal Renn is 'When charm is at the top, size doesn't matter.' Are they really trotting out that old chestnut that personality makes up for a big bum? Because that's what it sounds like they are saying to me. 'She's an interesting person, so we'll forgive the fact that she's not super skinny.' Come off it!

Crystal Renn looking HOT HOT HOT for V magazine in an issue not dedicated to size - yup, she's in an ordinary, 'we're-not-making-a-big-deal-out-of-the-size-thing' photo shoot. Shock horror.

And as far as I can tell, the blogs on the matter seem to be happy about it. Why?! Why aren't they integrating curvier and non-white models into their mainstream website? Now that would be revolutionary.

ps - comments would be appreciated, I feel I could write much more about this!

pps - the free shipping offer runs out on Sunday so get in there and buy!


  1. Oh, well... size does matter. It is the saddest modern truth about todays world. Did you know that Ann Wintour used to measure her knees with the ruler (when she was growing up) always afraid to be bigger than the image of herself she had in mind? No wonder we have what we have when the Editor in chief of one of the most powerful magazines promotes size 4 as being "curvy."
    Wishing you wonderful weekend and, please, do not forget to participate in my spectacular Giveaway!!! :-)))

  2. I hadn't heard the Anna Wintour story. How unsurprising but sad.

    Thank you for commenting, I wasn't sure people would appreciate the post. It's not even that I think all super-skinny models should be out of fashion magazines, I just think it would be nice if there was a bit more breadth to the kind of people in them.

    Have a good weekend too (and to anyone else reading this!). I commented on the post, is that what I was meant to do? Other people reading this too should try, there are some really beautiful Chanel Paris-Moscou nail varnishes at the prize.