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Monday, 15 February 2010

Winter Olympics Ice Skating costumes

Have I told you that I ice skate? Not well mind you, but I have just passed my Level Three ice skating test. Ooh, get me, I could be at the next Winter Olympics! Not!

I love the sport - I love the glamour, the glitz, the lycra, the sequins, the costumes, the dancing. All of it!
Blades of Glory has to be one of my favourite films. It's also the reason I took up ice skating. Much more so than anything like White Boots or that Tiffany advert where the couple are ice skating in dinner dress at the Rockefeller Centre.

So naturally I am extremely excited to get to watch the Winter Olympics and the skating competitions. There should be some extremely good costume moments. Will Jonny Weir wear fur again? Maybe not after the whirlwind of controvesy last time! He's staying in the Olympic Village because of the number of threats made against him. What do you think? Are you pro or anti-fur?
The offending costume - and an alternative view point

Evan Lysacek is wearing Vera Wang! Did you know that she used to be a figure skater too? And a really good one, she nearly made nationals. You see, fashion is everywhere!

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