2010-03-30 daily 0.7 boy und schwester: What the Gaga?

Thursday, 11 February 2010

What the Gaga?

I'm coining a new phrase: 'what the GaGa?'

It's to describe an outfit so bafflingly brilliant that either Lady GaGa wore it or someone else is taking their inspiration from her. Rightly so.

It was inspired by a comment on Red Carpet Fashion Awards, which I thought said 'What the GaGa?' but after searching every blog I read for the post, actually just said 'What the...'. So I claim full creative ownership!

Now get out there and start using it! Here are some of the best Lady GaGa outfits to get you inspired...

I would love to know what the Queen thought of this!

Only closer inspection, I'm not entirely sure this isn't actually Lady GaGa's hair that's been made into a hat... does anyone know?

How awesome is this china doll look? I love the touches that bring out the story.

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