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Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Oubliette

London is probably the key inspiration for boy & schwëster and a project like The Oubliette Arthouse is a prime example of why living here is so inspiring.

The Oubliette Arthouse project is an 'alternative arts organisation' which locates empty buildings, squats in them (can squats be used as a verb like that?) in order to provide artists with a space for their work until they are evicted.  I first came across them a few days before their Waterloo residency came to an end and this was the first time I've been able to get to one of their events.

I saw a play called 'The Wisdom of the Den'by David Christopher that was performed by a group from Dyssing Monadys [sic], which is an art group that supports work by dyslexics.  Being dyslexic myself I was already excited about the project.  It's all too easy to go and see bad fringe theatre in London but this show, in the centre of theatre land, was great.  There were a few cringe-worthy lines in the mix and sometimes the time jumps weren't always very clear but as a whole it was enticing and interesting.  The play wasn't exactly pro-women but neither did it cast men as the blameless.

I can't wait to see where The Oubliette ends up next.  Today's the day they get evicted from their Leicester Square abode.  Hopefully they find somewhere soon.  Now I'm trying to think up a project that has a quick turn around time to suggest for the next venue...

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