2010-03-30 daily 0.7 boy und schwester: I AM ON WHAT KATIE WORE!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Massively exciting news is now revealed!  I am featured on What Katie Wore!  In their 'What You Wore:The Second Installment' section!

How exciting!  I've loved their blog since it started, in fact it was one of the few I read before I needed to start reading blogs for the business.  It's awesome, check it out and check out me on it to!

And just look how much press they've had - Grazia, Sunday Times, Independent, Telegraph, Guardian, Times, ASOS, My, The Scotsman - to name not even half of it!

Amazing!  It's made my year I think!

Oh, and here's the outfit I wore:

I wanted pink tights for it but I don't own any.  I've now found the perfect ones in Accessorize (more of a cerise than hot pink in the end) so I may re-post it when I have a chance.

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