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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Polar bears obsession

Have I told you about my polar bear obsession?  It started recently, mainly due to the awesome song by Ted & Francis called 'I wish I was a Polar Bear.'  To be honest, who doesn't?

Anyway, here is a selection of brilliant polar related items for Etsy that I love and am trying to work out if I can justify purchasing in anyway.

What a beautiful card!  So cute!  The small child in the plane is slightly wrong though.  And who has ever had time to send a separate New Year's card to Christmas???

I'd actually wear these earrings.  It would look like I had two mini-polar bears worshipping me.

A polar bear locket!  Just what I need to express my love!

This is just plain weird though.

Apparently it is a collectable vintage Japanese cake candle holder of a clown on a polar bear circus act.  Right.  Umm.  I am a little lost for words.

Although, I'd love to see a circus which had polar bears.

Ted & Francis MySpace; Spotify link to the song.

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